Bereavement Counselling

Every person has the potential to deliver himself or herself out of trauma. With gentle guidance and assistance, I help the individuals find balance and develop coping skills tailored to their situation.

Key elements of the Grief Processes tend to be as follows...
  • Denial and disbelief.
  • Alarm, anxiety, restlessness and the physiological accompaniments of fear.
  • Anger and guilt.
  • Bargaining, in anticipation and reaction to loss.
  • Despair and depression - Internal loss and deprivation.
  • Identification phenomena - Adopting traits and habits of the deceased. Mimicking Behavior patterns to ensure that loss does not re-occur.
  • Withdrawal.
My Role is to....
  • Help an individual actualize loss.
  • Assist in identifying and expressing feelings of anger, guilt, fear, anxiety and sorrow.
  • Work on a shift in thought and behaviour patterns, encouraging acceptance of living without the feeling of loss, be it a person, a situation, a job, status or income.
  • Give time to individual's grieving in all its manifestations.
  • Assess "normal" and "pathological" responses to loss.
  • Explore defences and coping mechanisms.
  • Look for right support.
As a result,the process of coping with Grief gets manifested as below:
  • The delayed or prolonged ability to grieve.
  • Withdrawal and lack of motivation. At this point that many people may feel "stuck" or "blocked".
  • Acceptance. This is a decision-making interim and the beginning of recovery.
  • New identification with loss. At this juncture, healthy restructuring begins through individual development.
My goal is to communicate that "Hand in hand, we will take YOUR journey together"

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