Certification Course in Clinical hypnotherapy (Level 1)

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10857784_770709609665773_6863305165946408175_nLevel 1 Course- Introduction to Clinical Hypnotherapy and Self Hypnosis (2 days-12-13 August, 2015 at Vista Signature (Near Signature Towers) South City-I, Gurgaon (Close to HUDA Metro Station

  1. The Science and art of Clinical Hypnotherapy

The physical well being of the human body is influenced by the mind, both conscious and sub- conscious. Through Hypnotherapy, we access the sub- conscious mind and use its information for therapy. This course will assist you in understanding the amazing power of the mind and how it can be leveraged to overcome physical and mental ailments.

  1. Benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Self-hypnosis

Hynotherapy is used for self- enhancement, self correction and in the treatment of various disorders. Self-hypnosis induces deep relaxation, improves sleep, improves performance and helps in managing stress,obesity and temperament.

  1. About the Trainer, Mrs. Meena Gupta

Mrs  Meena Gupta is a certified “ Master Hypnotist and Practitioner of Self- Hypnosis”, certified by the California Hypnosis Institute of USA and  American Hypnosis Institute. As a Therapist and Counsellor, she has been, for the past several years, practicing this therapy to help patients with various psychological and physical ailments and has seen them making significant progress towards recovery. She is also the President of The Society for Complementary Therapies, New Delhi, India. 

  1. Credentials of the Certifying Authority, CHI, USA

Successful completion of the above Course will entitle the participants to receive the practicing certificate-“Master  Hypnotist and Practitioner of Self-Hypnosis”-

from California Hypnotherapy Institute  of USA (CHI). Details of the certifying Authority can be accessed at www.californiahypnosis.usa

  1. Course Contents and Pedagogy

The course will address the following topics-

  1. The Use of Clinical Hypnotherapy in treating ailments
  2. Self-hypnosis
  3. Self- correction
  4. Self Enhancement
  5. Remedial Hypnosis

The pedagogy includes lecture, live demonstration, practice sessions and case studies.

  1. Eligibility for the course, dates, Venue and Fees

Eligibility– Health and Allied Health Professionals , Medical Doctors, Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors, Alternative health professionals, students and others interested  in learning about this science.

Dates of the Course – 12-13 August, 2015

Venue–  Vista Signature ( near Signature Towers ) South City 1 Gurgaon, near Huda Metro Station.

Fees– Rs 10, 000 (including course material, certification fees, lunch and refreshments) payable to Society for Complementary Therapies by demand draft or RTGS

  1. Future Advanced Certification Courses in Clinical Hynotherapy

After the successful completion of Level I course, the participants will become entitlied to attend Level II Course on Advanced Hypnotic Modalities (3 days) and Level III Course on Advanced Clinical  Hypnotherapy Practice.The dates of these courses will be announced later.

Contact Details

Ms Meena Gupta at ‘guptameena12@yahoo.co.in’

Mobile: 09871347559

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