Certification Course in Clinical hypnotherapy (Level 2)

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Level II – Advanced Hypnotic Modalities

Course Content, Demonstration and Practical:

  • Major Theories & Approaches : Using Direct & Indirect (Ericksonian) Hypnosis
  • Erickson Biography; Overview : What makes hypnosis ‘Ericksonian?’
  • Introduction to NLP : Pacing & leading, Rapport, Observation & feedback skills
  • The Principle of Utilization : Utilization of Natural & Hypnotic phenomenon
  • Language of Hypnosis : Presuppositions, Negation, Binds, Ambiguity, Delivery
  • Basic Metaphor : Using metaphors, Stories and Anecdotes in therapy
  • Ratifying Trance : Recognizing and approving trance states
  • Scales of Hypnotic Susceptibility : Stanford and other Scales of Suggesitibilty
  • Handwriting & Signature Analysis : Introduction and Analysis
  • Corrective Therapy, Paris window : Metaphysical & Systemic Understandings & Solutions
  • Dream Interpretation & Therapy : Recording, Analyzing, Working with dreams
  • Body syndromes : How conflicts manifest in the body
  • Management of Anxiety, Fears & Depression : Treating symptoms & working at cause
  • Management of Phobias : Understanding phobia, Circle Therapy, Desensitization
  • Emotional Hypno-Drama : Abreaction for relationships & Reconditioning
  • Hypno-Drama in Sports : Strengthening Neuro-pathways
  • Child Hypnosis : Introduction to Child Hypnosis
  • Hypno-Diagnostic Tools : Hypno-aids, Ideomotor response, Biofeedback
  • Dealing with Cancer, Grief & Loss : Understanding, working through 5 stages of loss
  • Age Regression : Understanding and Conducting Age Regression
  • Dealing with Abreactions : Safeguards in dealing with Emotional Abreactions
  • Past Life Regression : Understanding & Demo of Past Life Regression
  • Advanced Modalities Applications : Self-Improvement and Therapy applications
  • Hypnotic Intervention : Context of Hypnosis within therapy, Tailoring treatment
  • Ethical and legal considerations : Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Self – Enhancement, Generative Hypnosis, Self-Correction, Remedial Hypnosis

Improving Sports Performance Age Regression, Past Life Regression
Improving Troubled Relationships Metaphysical Causations of problems
Working with Cancer, Grief patients Direct and Indirect sessions
Treating Anxiety, Fears, Phobias Dream Analysis, Handwriting Analysis

Duration: 3 Days (8.30am-7.30pm)

Dates: 26-28 June, 2015

Certification: “Certification in Advanced Hypnotic Modalities of Clinical Hypnotherapy”

Eligibility: ‘Completion of Level I course Hypnosis from CHI-USA or equivalent courses’

Venue: Vista Woods Hotel, A – 191 Green Wood City, Sector-45, Gurgaon, India (Close to Huda Metro Station)

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