Clinical Hypnotherapy

I offer training courses in Clinical Hypnotherapy which is certified by “California Hypnosis Institute”, USA and “All India Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy”.

I offer Three levels of courses in Clinical Hypnotherapy.


Level IIntroduction to Clinical Hypnotherapy, Self-Hypnosis
“Master Hypnotist – Practitioner of Self-Hypnosis”

Level IIAdvanced Hypnotic Modalities
“Certification in Advanced Hypnotic Modalities”

Level III: Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
“Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy”
Training in Past Life Therapy & Life Between Lives Therapy

Advantages of doing Courses with us

  • Best National and International Standards and Certifications available in India
  • Only Accredited Master Trainer conducting till ‘Training of Trainers’ for California Hypnosis
  • Institute – USA as well as Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (India)
  • Ongoing support includes free Re-attendance to All our courses
  • Healers, Counselors, Psychologists & Medical Professionals
  • Gain hands-on practice of Best of Psychological therapies
  • Learn how to Establish your own Independent Practice of Therapy & Training
  • Join established Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Allied health & EAPproviders Trainers & HR professionals
  • Enhance your Skill-sets and learn Key Psychological principles & Practices
  • Learn the best of Evidence-based Scientific Well-being & Therapies
  • Learn how to Establish your own Independent Practice of Training & Coaching
  • Become Scientific in your approach, & undergo Personal Growth
  • Get Placements in related Organizations & Institutes
  • Enhance In-house Trainer’s Skill-sets and reduce Dependence on external resources
  • Learn how to Establish your own Independent Practice of Therapy & Training

Level I – Introduction to Clinical Hypnotherapy

Course Content, Demonstration and Practical:

  • History & Definition of Hypnosis : Ancient texts to Psychoanalytic connections
  • Myths and Misconceptions : De-mystifying hypnosis
  • The Scientific basis of Hypnosis
  • Understanding & Accessing Unconscious Mind
  • What is Hypnosis? : Common everyday Trance, Therapeutically created Trance
  • Understanding and Learning Creation of Trance
  • How to conduct a Hypnosis Session : How to approach any Client and Therapy
  • Solution-oriented vs. Problem-oriented : Goal oriented Problem solving approach
  • Hypnotic language : Language to be spoken when suggesting under hypnosis
  • Pre Hypnotic, Hypnotic and Post Hypnotic suggestions : Giving Suggestions
  • Demo & Supervised practice sessions : Hypnotizing and Delivering suggestions
  • Learning Self-Hypnosis techniques : Inducing Trance for Self hypnosis
  • Ericksonian / Indirect Hypnosis : Introduction to Indirect Hypnosis
  • Training Client in Self Hypnosis : Self-Hypnosis techniques & ‘Key Words’
  • Self – Enhancement, Generative Hypnosis & Self – Correction, Remedial Hypnosis

With Self Hypnosis improve Deep Relaxation, Sleep, Performance, Well-being, Quit Smoking and Basic Management of Anxiety, Stress and Weight.
Duration: 2 Days

Certification: “Master Hypnotist & Practitioner of Self-Hypnosis”

Eligibility : Health & Allied Health Professionals : Medical Doctors, Clinical Psychologists, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Counselors, Alternative health professionals etc.

Level II – Advanced Hypnotic Modalities

Course Content, Demonstration and Practical:

  • Major Theories & Approaches : Using Direct & Indirect (Ericksonian)Hypnosis
  • Erickson Biography; Overview : What makes hypnosis ‘Ericksonian?’
  • Introduction to NLP : Pacing & Leading, Rapport, Observation & Feedback skills
  • The Principle of Utilization : Utilization of Natural & Hypnotic phenomenon
  • Language of Hypnosis : Presuppositions, Negation, Binds, Ambiguity, Delivery
  • Basic Metaphor : Using Metaphors, Stories and Anecdotes in therapy
  • Handwriting & Signature Analysis : Introduction and Analysis
  • Dream Interpretation & Therapy : Recording, Analyzing, Working with dreams
  • Body syndromes : How conflicts manifest in the body
  • Emotional Hypno-Drama : Ab-reaction for relationships & Reconditioning
  • Hypno-Drama in Sports : Strengthening Neuro-pathways and Confidence
  • Child Hypnosis : Introduction to Child Hypnosis
  • Dealing with Cancer, Grief & Loss : Understanding, working through 5 stages of loss
  • Age Regression : Understanding and Conducting Age Regression
  • Past Life Regression : Understanding & Demo of Past Life Regression
  • Ethical and legal considerations : Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Self – Enhancement, Generative Hypnosis, Self-Correction, Remedial Hypnosis

After doing level 2 the therapist can help the client in Improving Sports Performance, Age Regression, Past Life Regression, Improving Troubled Relationships, Metaphysical Causation of problems, Working with Cancer and Grief patients, Direct and Indirect sessions. Treating Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Dream Analysis and Handwriting Analysis
Duration: 3 Days

Certification: “Certification in Advanced Hypnotic Modalities of Clinical Hypnotherapy”

Eligibility : ‘Completion of Level I course Hypnosis from CHI-USA or equivalent courses’

Level III: Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Course Content, Demonstration and Practical:

  • Physical & Emotional Sexuality : Implications on Social behavior
  • Relationship Counseling : Interviewing techniques & Family Systems Approach
  • Major Psychological theories : Major schools and Evolution of Psychology
  • Interviewing techniques : Effective interviewing techniques and pitfalls
  • Theory: Adults & Children of Dysfunctional Families, Domestic Violence, Sexual abuse
  • Defense Mechanisms : Unconscious mechanisms influencing thinking, behaviorv
  • Hypnoanalysis : Discovering Unconscious origins, causes & solutions
  • Advanced Metaphors & Re-framing : Constructing Metaphors & Re-framing
  • Sexual Dysfunction Treatment : Techniques and Principles
  • Weight Management & Eating Disorders : Weight loss/gain, Anorexia & Bulimiav
  • Habit Control – Smoking / Alcohol : Techniques and Principles
  • General Self-Improvement & Use of Mental Bank : Techniques and Principles
  • Medical Model of Hypnosis, Allergy Management : Medical correlates of Hypnosis
  • Advanced Pain control, Hypnoanaesthesia : Theories of pain, Glove anesthesia Displacement, Imagery, Scaling Dissociation, Time Distortion
  • Cord Cutting technique : Theory and Practice of Cord cutting approach Management of Anxiety, Phobias and Relationships. Closure work with trauma
  • Inner Child Work : Theory and Practice of healing childhood trauma Management of aggression and effective dysregulation stemming from childhood trauma
  • Special populations : Psychotics, Couples, Families, Substance abuse
  • Ethical and legal considerations : Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Self – Enhancement, Generative Hypnosis, Self-Correction, Remedial Hypnosis

After doing level 3 the therapist can help the client in Relationship & Sexual Counselling Couple, Family work, Pain management, Hypnoanaesthesia, Weight & Smoking Management, Conversational Hypnosis, Self Improvement, Mental Bank, Anxiety and Phobia Management Childhood trauma work.
Duration: 4 Days

Certification: “Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy”

Eligibility: ‘Completion of Advanced Hypnotic Modalities in Clinical Hypnotherapy from CHI-USA or equivalent courses’

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