Couples and Relationship Counselling

Couples Counselling is about bringing positive change to a relationship. Relationship is the mental, physical, and emotional way of relating with people. It has to be a mutually nurturing experience.

As a trained counsellor, I am equipped not only to help couples with pre-marital and post-maritial problems but resolve issues in other relationships as well. Here, I provide a platform where two individuals in a relationships can speak freely and jointly design a plan of action suited to the nature of their partnership(eg:- Husband-Wife, Parents-Children, Siblings, etc). I help them view their roles in a new light, encouraging the use of ‘communication and response‘ techniques to resolve issues that have caused disharmony in the past. Armed with new skills and understanding, a couple is better equipped to walk down life’s difficult path together, each more willing to support the other and to strengthen their mutual bond.

I have recently given a talk at “The Institute of Chartered Accounants Of India” on harmonizing relationships with self, spouse and family “HUMTUM

Couples Counselling:
  • Offers a way to view all aspects of the partnership in a 360° panorama.
  • Helps bring awareness and acceptance of own and other's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Enables a couple to find possible solutions which were otherwise not considered.
  • Encourages the two individuals to develop action plans tailored to the specific needs of their relationship.
  • Helps identify and address conflicting issues at hand.
  • Rebuilds broken connections and perceptions between the partners.
  • Re-establishes an environment of trust, respect and intimacy.
  • Teaches how to support and guide each other in meeting respective life-goal.
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