Foot Reflexology

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Based on the unique relationship of the body with the feet – they have unique stories to tell. Every organ/gland has a reflex point in the feet/hands – only it is more difficult to locate these reflex points in the hands as they are not so pronounced. This method when applied to the reflexes in the feet, not only breaks up the congestion of those terminals, but definitely relaxes the mind and the body.

Any disorder in a certain part of the body has an effect on the corresponding reflex point on the feet – by using a reflex method we help to relieve nerve tension to stimulate the circulation so that nature can restore the normal functioning of the various glands and organs of the body. Reflexology can increase absorption of prescribed medication and help re-balance the body’s internal chemistry – Reflexology in any form is only a means of equalizing the circulation. “Circulation is life” – “Stagnation is death”.

How can Foot Reflexology help ?

  • Our emotions constitute the main spring of life, the driving force for good or ill effects.
  • It directs them in the right way.
  • Helps in all our primary needs. It also helps in management of pain, anger, anxiety and depression which are the cause of many of our diseases.
  • It eliminates toxins from our body through the circulatory system and restores the normal functioning of various glands and organs.
  • It is a therapeutic measure generally accepted and widely used.
  • It is known to be one of the oldest accepted methods in the healing.


The importance of taking better care of our feet

  • People should realize the importance of taking better care of their feet resulting in the healthy body and mind.
  • We fail to realize that every corn, callous or bunion, and its location, definitely affects some organ or tissue of the body.
  • Any undue pressure on a nerve reflex will have a definite effect on the organs involved.
  • Therefore it is necessary to visit a foot reflexologist regularly, when any abnormal condition takes place.
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