Music Therapy

Believe in the power of music!

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The right choice of music can be a life line, an adrenaline shot to the soul. Music transcends all barriers of language, race and religion. It can assist in breaking emotional blocks that severely inhibit one’s personal growth and goals in life; a Vacuum-cleaner removing emotional dust and cobwebs that have harboured inside over years and decades.

I use all aspects of music to help my clients improve and maintain their Physical, Emotional and Spiritual health. I design need based music sessions for individuals and groups. Music therapy techniques include lyric analysis, songwriting, music and imagery, music relaxation and active music listening. Senior citizens, Palliative care patients and Children benefit greatly with Music Therapy.

I have organized Music Therapy Seminars at Vimhans (Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health Neuro & Allied Sciences) Hospital, New Delhi with Dr. Eric Miller of the USA.

With Music Therapy I seek to Improve and Enhance:
  • Quality of life.
  • Short and long-term memory.
  • Creative-awareness.
  • Self-awareness.
  • Physical expression through dance.
  • Emotional expression.
  • Opening doors to the past.
Music Therapy is a tool that promotes:
  • An appreciation of sound and the emotion it can evoke.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Self esteem and confidence-building.
  • Breathing.
  • The ability to adjust to a changing work environment.
  • Balance.
  • Fine motor skills through playing an instrument.
  • Communication through sound.
  • Mood management and enhancing body's immune system.
  • Coping with lack of sleep. ( Insomnia)
  • Coping skills and social behaviour.
  • Reducing depression.
  • Motivation in physical and psychological rehabilitation.
  • Body movement and fluidity.
  • Co-ordination, co-operation and team spirit.
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