Practical Uses Of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Speaking Tree Event)

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Workshop brief and benefits: Clinical Hypnotherapy is a technique through which we keep our conscious mind awake but give control in a measured way to the sub-conscious mind, for helping us achieve our personal goals and in healing. This workshop aims at educating participants about ways to use this technique in their personal lives through experiential demonstration of its effectiveness.

The workshop will have three modules:

1. Use of self-hypnosis in healing

We unconsciously practice self-hypnosis all the time when we daydream, without even being aware of it. But the technique, with proper training, can be converted into a powerful tool for self-control and healing. Self-Hypnosis helps in areas such as eating disorders, reducing anxiety and stress, memory enhancement, overcoming physical reactions to fear and anxiety, pain management, quitting smoking and other addictions, coping with bereavement and anger. Indeed, self-hypnosis is simply a form of directing your mind away from feeling trapped by a problem and towards the ability to generate new potential ways of achieving goals. In this module, participants will be taught to master the art of self-hypnosis in day-to-day life, with a view to guiding them to their inner world, enjoying self hypnosis, helping them to use their inner mind for problem solving and making them feel liberated, guiding them to silently talk their way into trance using imagination and relaxation, helping and teaching them to develop a process of regulating anxiety.

2. Ego states and hypnotherapy

Ego states and hypnotherapy is a psycho-dynamic approach, in which techniques of group and family therapy are applied to reduce conflicts between various ego states within a single individual. For instance, a child confronted with overwhelming trauma, rejection or abuse, may disassociate himself from his surroundings as a survival response. Such issues from childhood may be brought forward from childhood to adulthood, leading to serious disorders, both mental and physical. Similarly, a woman who lived with an abusive father may get married to an abusive husband, leading to severe depression and dysfunctionailty. It is difficult to change the above behavioural issues through conscious, cognitive persuasion. Hypnotherapy uncovers various ego states within such individuals explores, discovers and deals with it – thereby curing them of the disorder. This therapy changes maladaptive behaviour more efficiently and in a shorter period.

3. Use of Hypnotherapy for children

Hypnotherapy can be effectively used for correcting difficult conditions of children and young adults. For example: Habit disorders, nail biting, thumb sucking and stammering. Behavioural disorders like being withdrawn, rebelliousness, suffering from chronic anxiety, hyperactivity, phobia, asthma, urticaria, and lack of motivation for studies.

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