Sound And Resonance for creating Abundance in Health , Wealth and Relationships

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Ringing vibrations produced by the bowls , are most potent healing tools . The sound of the bowls combined with meditation , guided imagery , and vocalization creates a new synthesis in conjunction with other healing practices .Singing bowls act as a medium in which our inner chaos and conflict can be reconfigured into a harmonious sense of calm centeredness that resonates through every cell  of our body and mind . In the words of Tibetan monk Lama “ The Bowl sound is the sound of the Void “.

Bowl centered meditation can nurture all mind body issues , and anyone can benefit from the practice and life- affirming effects are immediately apparent .To ‘ bath ‘ in the’ ocean of sound ‘ enables us alter our moods and emotions , feelings and perceptions positively , by regularly incorporating this practice in our routine .

The calming impact of the sound , as it resonates shifts one , from fretfulness and anxiety to tranquility and acceptance .

The bowls have been made from seven different metals – gold , silver, mercury, iron, tin, and lead .Individually each metal has its own distinctive sound , and in combination with one or more of the other metals ,creates harmonics that differ from bowl to bowl ,depending on the particular alloy. With practice one can control the qualities of the sound . We can feel the vibrations resonating throughout the body ,and when we stop the sound gradually dies down ,resulting in lightness ,a relief of pressure in the head and body. The sound and vibration offers relief from the distractions and stresses of the outside world . Sound vibration by the bowls can cure various conditions ,ranging from emotional distress and imbalance to headaches and sore throats.

The quartz crystal is the strongest power object of all. The crystal emits the vibration and amplifies which extends and amplifies the power of user’s mind. Like a laser ,it radiates energy in a coherent ,highly concentrated form ,and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will. Sounds produced the quartz crystal is more harmoniously in tune with our own crystalline structures than sounds emitted by other bowls or instruments. The bowls emit tones that resonate with the human voice . The sounds permeate our systems ,resonating with our essence ,so that inner chaos ,conflict ,and dissonance seem almost immediately transformed into harmony . Playing the bowl transforms a stressful feeling into joy where before there has been only fury ,confusion and sorrow . Bowls help us to rediscover our essence and our connection with the infinite .

The shift occurs more rapidly and powerfully when the bowl sounds are combined with unique forms of vocal expression .



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