Crisis and Suicide Intervention

A Crisis is an overwhelming reaction to a threatening situation in which a person’s usual problem solving strategies fail to resolve the situation, resulting in a state of disequilibrium.

Crisis can occur in any stage of life,they occur in response to a sudden unexpected event in a person’s life. The critical life events revolve around experiences of grief and loss-due to death of loved ones, severe mental or physical illness, divorce, loss of job, natural disaster, violence, failure in exams, unsatisfactory career, loss of money etc.

Suicide can feel like the only solution when all hope seems lost. Suicide denotes total loss of hope and an inability to seek help.

Counselling offered at the right time can help guide such an individual back into the mainstream.

The Suicide Counselling which I undertake offers the emotional support necessary to deal successfully with suicidal thoughts.My Aim is to assist a client in making a positive shift in the assessment of their situation and take a renewed and refreshing view of life. I had been associated for 21 years as a trainer and counsellor with “Sumaitri(the crisis intervention center for depressed and suicides). It is an emergency psychological care center, aimed at people from taking the “last option” and offers compassion, hope, understanding and support.I bring my practical experience at this center to resolve issues arising from crisis and resultant suicidal thoughts.

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